Klink Trucking

Stone/Gravel Hauling

Klink Trucking provides dump truck hauling for all facets of the construction industry.  From small do-it-yourself projects for homeowners to unlimited quantities for contractors, state, federal, and municipal jobs Klink is your one-stop source.  Our multiple locations allow us access to any material from over 100 gravel pits and several stone quarries in Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, and Illinois.  We also specialize in material removal, both clean and contaminated.

Agricultural Lime / Gypsum
Agricultural lime an gypsum are used to treat sodic soils, symptoms of which are waterlogging, increased runoff, poor water storage, surface crusting, and problems with cultivation and erosion.  We carry high calcium screened materials for ease of application.  Materials are stored in a protected area and are available year around.

Maximum Salt
Maximum Salt® is road salt that has been treated with a liquid agriculture based deicer called De-Ice-55 which is a product made from the process of desugaring sugar beets.  Maximum Salt® will greatly reduce bounce and scatter, cut down waste 30-45%, eliminate costly reapplication of salt, stop salt piles from freezing,  work at lower temperatures (-30°F) with less corrosion than rock salt. Maximum Salt® eliminates bonding of ice and hardpack, and because you reduce harmful chlorides, you greatly reduce overall corrosion to your equipment, infrastructure and private assets. A longer dilution time means it works longer and at lower temperatures, and that saves costly reapplications. All this adds up to reducing the amount of salt or grit applied per lane mile while improving the level of service and increasing savings

BMP Cold Mix
BMP is a coldmix asphalt patching product specially formulated for extra pliability to facilitate patching in low temperatures with wet conditions.  BMP is used in places like potholes, utility cuts and small overlays.  BMP will allow you to fix potholes once and be a permanent patch.